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Campus Notes is a sci-fi (also daily-life) visual novel at the University of Tsukuba.

the University of Tsukuba is one of Japan's leading universities (an actual national university). Since most of the students live in dorms or nearby apartments, it has its own unique campus culture.

Campus Notes was created by a group of Tsukuba students. Although a lot of the members of the development team have now graduated, they are continuing to create games using their memories of the time they lived there.

In order to express the appeal of the University of Tsukuba in a more fun and engaging fashion, the game features mysterious incidents and characters that don't exist in the real world. Or perhaps they do...

Hirasuna dorm.

forget me not.

"Campus Notes :forget me not." is a visual novel set in the University of Tsukuba, created by 4th cluster, an indie game studio established from the same university.

The University of Tsukuba is a National university that is the focus of Tsukuba Science City, a town 50km east of Tokyo. The city has a unique culture, as the area is heavily populated by students.

The story is placed in true-to-life settings of Tsukuba city. Come and enjoy a slice of campus life. Meet our heros and heroines and set out on a strange adventure, and maybe even fall in love...


Yuta Kiriha, a third year student who has just transferred to the University of Tsukuba, is looking for a club to join with the friends he met at the entrance ceremony. However, after scouring the notice board he hasn’t found anything that appeals to him and is about to give up and go home when...

He meets a girl who leaves an intense impression on him, the kind of person you see once and never forget again. This night time meeting with the silver-haired girl is a catalyst and Yuta soon finds himself caught up in a mysterious incident.

Everyone at the University of Tsukuba loses all of their memories related to Yuta. No matter what he does, each day they lose their new memories of him all over again. Yuta has been completely erased from the "memories" of the University of Tsukuba.

Yuta forms a group called The Chivalric Order of Bertha with the other people he finds who are in the same situation, and together they face the mysterious amnesia phenomenon known as IMA.

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